Cordless Decorative LED Light for Any Occasion

Make your next holiday “The Bom” get a Bom-D-Dom!  We provide a cordless LED lamp solution for all your party decoration, holiday decoration or event decoration needs.  Choose from our many decorative designs and change your Bom-D-Bom look in seconds. Simply remove the design and attach a new one for year-round enjoyment. Our top fiber optic light and top LED lights are easily interchangeable. Both top lights work on the same unit, change the top lights to complement your different designs.  Duracell Batteries Included with purchase.

Valentines Category
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Featured Products

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Click on the "Build Your Bom-D-Bom" button above to choose the decorative designs, top lights and base wreath you prefer OR save on one of our featured products below already built for you. Your featured product order will include a Bom-D-Bom, decorative design shown, top light shown with RF remote control, bungee cord for securing to wood top deck rail, base wreath, and 4 Duracell batteries.